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Legal/Regulatory Questions

A registered dietitian (RD) is trained to make nutrition diagnoses. The RD should provide the supporting clinical data along with the nutrition diagnosis so that the physician or nurse practitioner can then make the medical diagnosis.

Nutrition Questions

Arm span approximates height. Measure from middle fingertip to middle tip with arms extended as far as possible.

My philosophy is that the best choice is whatever the patient enjoys and will consume. Eggs, chicken, beef, and fish are all good sources of protein. Vegetarians have plenty of choices as well so the “best” is what is enjoyable. If there aren’t any protein foods that are tolerable, a liquid or powdered protein supplement can fill the gap.

Supplement Questions

I typically recommend that a patient continue Juven for a minimum of 2 weeks or until wound closure. The longest study I am aware of used Juven for 24 weeks but I personally know people who have taken it much longer.

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